Sunday, June 5, 2011

What is deserving of a compliment?

I dunno' sometimes I just can't take a compliment.

Here's some history... my son was born 5 weeks early and weighing 5#.  My education is in early childhood and Elementary Education, as well as Psych., African American Studies and Dance.  That last one?  Yeah I'm still kinda waiting for that to come in super handy, though I think that should it prove handy tomorrow I will prove too rusty.  [as always I digress]

Anyway.... so I took to being the mother to this lil' tiny dude with a shrug and... not confidence, cause I would have had to think it was exceptional or difficult to mother a small infant like that to be 'confident'.
I think you get the idea though.  It was just no biggie.  But people constantly commented on how easily I cared for that small, 'early' kidlet.
But I never really 'got it' or accepted the compliments cause to me it was easy, and easy is not compliment worthy.

Same thing with the furniture and the other stuff I make... I find this thing pretty easy.  Ok not the sanding and stripping but I look at the pieces and I get an idea or 2 or 3 and just do it.  Sometimes not as well as expected, sometimes better than expected.  But when people compliment me on an item, or say 'you're so creative' it's a little bit of a head scratcher to me, cause again something easy, to me, is not compliment worthy.

I guess that's me though... maybe regardless of how hard/easy the thing is for someone to do, if it exhibits a quality others do not necessarily have... it's compliment worthy?


Loretta said...

There, you said it! It is very much so when I see what you've done and I couldn't have possibly done the same! From me, I give my compliment for a job well done...because it is deserving! Not a head-scratcher but true, true, true! Have a good week and keep the creativity coming! Hugs! Loretta

Late Bloomers said...

Thanks Loretta. And I mean that. : )

pogonip said...

Compliments used to make me uneasy (don't know why exactly). My MIL told me when she got a compliment, she would say, "I'm glad you like it."

I've said it for years now. It's an honest response, but since it's not just about me I'm more comfortable.