Monday, September 19, 2011

A New Project

I got this dresser a while ago and really thought it was too nice to paint... but then I cleaned it up for a potential buyer, realized it had too much damage, and decided to paint it, and figured my 'go to' color 'antique white' would be the way to go.

So I started in on it today, a first coating of Kilz white primer applied.
Then I decided, since I thought I would distress her a bit where the details are to bring them out, to add a paint I got from the Oops Pile at HD for $2.  It's a blue/green.  I also put it down the center of the drawers/fronts thinking I might sand a stencil there [thus it would be that blue green].

This detail, isn't that nice?

So now that I see it with this Blue/Green Oops on it... I kinda' like it.
What do you think?  
Finish it Blue/Green with some distressing?  
Or go over the Blue/Green with antique white and distress it back to the Blue/Green?

I gotta' figure out what to do about new hardware [the missing ones are truly missing], and also if I can get these metal detail thingamabobs off to paint under them.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Chairs and tables and chairs... oh my!

I have to make this brief as I need a shower before meeting the bus, getting food into the kid and homework done and then rushing off to soccer practice...

Here are the chairs I showed you a while ago:


and now

And here are those tables [have I mentioned how I dislike painting turned legs?]

Sloooow progress

And here are a couple chairs I don't think I've mentioned [are you now getting the idea how full my garage really is?]

When I got the caned chairs the man giving them to me wanted these gone too and was having a problem with no-shows to his Craigslist ad.  So, I took them even though they are totally not my style.  I tried cleaning the fabric today to just get them to a consignment shop and sold, but no go, those stains are here to stay.  

So, on to plan B, sand the wood, paint them black [it's what I have] and reupholster with a large, bold graphic/floral [inexpensive] fabric which I do not have.

... but wait a second... what about using drop cloth fabric [that I already have]?  hmmmmmm.... And I could stencil the fabric w/ a fleur de Lis or another stencil I have?  Thoughts?

I was sanding things so took the sander to the nicks/water stains on the Scandinavian/Mid Century chairs just to see how they would look... and then I polished the wood with Howards Bees Wax/Orange oil... WOW!  They look Great!  So on to plan... C?  Who's on first? LOL   
New plan is sand, wax, and reupholster in a nice fabric and get them outta' here!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

SA Finds II

So, yesterday I also bought s couple tables to redo... and here they are:

Yes there's a hole in the caning in the one, there's nothing I can do about that.
And the legs are a bit loose, those will get glued up, and I think I might put at least a coat of matte spray poly on the caning to give it some 'hold'?  Bad idea?

I sanded them, and finished sanding the dining chairs [also caned, what's that about?] that I picked up before it started raining....

I already liked them better with some sanding!  

I plan to make them antique white, with some distressing.  I got one coat of paint on, but the bugs were biting and my kid wanted me to ride bikes with him... and now I have to wash off the bug spray- BLECH!

Forgot to mention, grand total for these two tables?  $25!


That painting on the fruit just peeled off once wet, so I'm glad I removed it before it clogged up my dishwasher or otherwise disappointed.

Turned legs.  I love 'em, but they are so annoying to paint!!!  These tables are obviously going to take some time... I'm just praying the rain holds off so I can get them done.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Salvation Army finds

I made it into the flooded nearby city that has a Salvation Army to scout out some things to repurpose and I can not wait to show you what I found!

Cute right?  Alas, this is the back.

Less cute... this is the front.

I may be crazy but I think I am going to spray paint the fruit white to make it disappear.... if it doesn't work, they're still cute.

I also picked up  a coffee table/end table set, but have to pick them up with the truck so you will have to wait to see them later!  Sorry.  They are way cool and worth the wait, trust me!