Friday, February 10, 2012

Another small project

I spotted this little hutch on and thought it would be a fun redo that I could give my neighbors little girl for her American Girl dolls

The paper on the back was loose so I had to remove that.  I replaced it with some wallpaper I had on hand

There's a bit of damage so I broke out the wood glue

She's also had a good light sand...

... and now I am in the process of repainting.

Adorable, right?  I'd like to find some small plates or a china set to put on the shelves, and maybe a special stencil or hardware to jazz it up a little.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Small projects

The cold of winter finally hit, though it's not THAT cold.  Still too cold to work in the garage and paint, so I am stuck inside doing small projects

I bought this little table at Salvation Army for $8.99... isn't it just the best when you walk in and find EXACTLY what you were looking for?

I really like the shape and it's the perfect size, not to mention the price!

A few weeks ago we finally found a recliner we could all agree on, and since installing it I found a need for a small table between it and the couch

Cause the Beagle needs her bev and remotes nearby ya' know... she is shameless that dog.

Here's the table, done

I might add a stencil to the flared area on each end

I am also working [slowly] on a cross stitch for my sister.  I have not cross stitched since '98, so the learning curve, especially with my eyesight now that of an over 40... whew, this is gonna' take a while

Sloooooooow progress... but if I post it here, ya'll will keep me working on it, right?

And then there was the whole Quad debacle.

D had a friend who was selling his sons 50cc childs quad, something A has wanted for EVER.
Something I would prefer he never, ever get.

I was out numbered, and indeed, as predicted and I am starting to wonder if in fact it's BECAUSE I predicted it, within 5 minutes of setting off he had crashed it into a tree, sailed right over the handlebars landing on a pile of rocks in the woods.

A pony would NEVER run headfirst into a tree.  Just sayin'...

He was fine, and spent the rest of yesterday learning how not to do that again....  I on the other hand need to get busy covering these new grey hairs.  OY!  L'Oreal, take me away!