Monday, October 24, 2011

Holiday Sale

Get a great deal and get your holiday shopping started.
Remember, every purchase generates a donation to Equine Rescue Resource, Inc.

Dog beds 
w/ memory foam mattress and machine washable bedding



Many thanks to my 'model' Duke and his steward Shannon 
who has done an incredible job training this dog!

I also have one more of these in stock, I can finish it any way you like

$45 each

Dog or doll bed
Suitable for American Girl Dolls!
Custom bedding to match your decor always available

$40 and ready for custom bedding!

Let me make you a larger bed from a dresser


Or I can make you a dog bed from an end table or coffee table



I presently have several tables in stock to work with

Let me finish them in your custom fabrics and colors


End table


Coffee Table


Matching cane bottom/glass top end and coffee table

$80 for the pair

End table/nightstand



Solid wood, quality construction finished in a blue black paint with off white interior.
I can also finish the 4 upper doors to suit your decor with a stencil, other artwork or glass panels

China Cabinet/Trophy Case

Solid wood construction, including parts that were pressboard that I replaced with wood
Exterior finished in a blue black, interior in an antique white with lovely beadboard backing
Interior of the bottom is painted and wallpapered with a charming Fleur de Lis paper

China Cabinet

Painted an Antique white with Waverly Toile backing inside
Solid wood construction, including parts that were pressboard that I replaced with wood

Armoires/Saddle Cabinets
3 available

I have my own saddles stored in one of these.
I added saddle racks to the upper portion and can store 2 saddles in there, plus there's room for all my other gear in the roomy bottom drawers.  
Add wheels and this baby is a fantastic addition to a tack room, or where ever you store your tack.

$125 each, Customizing additional

Set of 4 chairs
[upholstered in your choice of fabric, extra]

$75 for all 4

The Gabby Memo Board
Chicken wire stretched over a frame, with Waverly Rooster fabric backing

Blue/Green Dresser

$125 without handles

Let me make you a custom Picture Window

with pictures, starting at $25

Special pricing for those who donate directly to Equine Rescue Resource, Inc.
Contact me for details

Booth Results

I don't know what I am doing wrong.  I really don't.
If you do, please, you will not hurt my feelings... just tell me!

I sold a dog bed, for half price, and that was it.

Duke modeled the rest of my beds, so I now have pics of each one with a dog in them, maybe that will help?

I had so many small items, and several items that were 'make a donation of any size and please take one'... and I had my business cards all over and postcards and other ways for people to have something to remind them of what they were interested in... and I took almost all of those home as well.
Trust me, the husband was not impressed.  Course he never is, so what was I expecting?

I had no idea how depressing it would be to load it all back up and drag it home again.
I could not face unloading the car until Sunday...
I guess while I was worried it would not go well, I was convinced somewhere deep down that I would do well.

So what do I do now... heading into winter with all this 'stuff' is not what I planned!

Shall I advertise all my hutches/china cabinets at $200 each on Craigslist and pray I get offers?
Send pieces to the consignments shops where I will make less than that per piece after commission, but at least they'll move?

I seriously need your advice, ideas, suggestions....

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Charity Horse Show Booth, 2011

As some may recall I am renting a stall for the day at the Charity horse show this weekend, and setting up a 'shop' of my 'stuff'.

To that end I have been frantically working the last 2 days to finish things up and get them labeled and packed.

Here are some highlights:

^used the Arrow Stapler on this!

I found a swatch of fabric that fit the seat and just quickly upholstered the one chair.  I figure it gives me a seat to sit on, and maybe I'll sell the set.   Will sell the set with upholstery in buyers choice of fabrics [Fabric extra].

Here they are before:

This dog bed w/bedding
^used the Arrow Stapler on this!

It was previously the bottom of a dresser that had no drawer

This dog/doll crib w/bedding

I looked like this when I got it

It was a shame to paint it but it was rusty and not in good shape.

This Doll/dog bed

^used the Arrow Stapler on this!

Formerly looked like this

The second one of these and the dresser that goes with it I am saving to pretty up for my neighbors daughter who just got her first American Girl Doll

Canister set

Chicken wire and Waverly Memo Board
featuring stories about the rescue and the horses they've helped

^used the Arrow Stapler on this!

And other bibs and bobs

These are each getting Fall Floral in them

I need one large piece to sell and display many of these items, so I think I am cleaning out the Hutch in the kitchen and dragging that along

I have several small tables to take as well,

It's going to be a fun day with lots of friends who we see only a few times a year, good food, and horses!
Lets hope we raise a bundle of money for the rescue too!

Update, I only sold the one dog bed, and for half of what I normally charge... I dunno what I did wrong and would love input from more seasoned sellers.

I linked up to show-and-tell-friday