Sunday, October 9, 2011

The third time's the charm?

I started out with this hutch in our kitchen where cabinets were supposed to be installed as a built-in hutch but funds being what they were and kitchen cabinets costing what they do... well this area and 2 other areas got trimmed off.

I sold that one, and then realized my mistake, and have been searching for a replacement ever since.

This one was there a while, but I really needed a hutch with a counter instead of a china cabinet, because we wanted to use it as our coffee station.

Amidst all this hutch swapping madness we did finally get cabinets in the Butler pantry which also originally got trimmed thanks to the budget.  These are way nicer cabinets than we ever would have gotten from Home Depot:

This is what is there now, but I really need more storage there than this one offers, though I admit I am not using the space I do have to it's fullest.

So I saw this on Craigslist this morning and snapped it up.  It needs ALOT of work!

This one is SEVEN feet long!
It will take up the entire wall it goes on, but if there is not enough storage in this one, well,... then I obviously have too much stuff!

I really like the details, like....

dental trim

The curvy bit above the open shelf

As you can see I already remove that railing

[before w/railing]

[after, without railing]

the doors on the bottom also have nice detail

I'm sure all that will pop with paint and distressing

She's really banged up and in need of a good sand

But there is also alot of potential there.

Each end has a separate storage area.  
The 4 center doors open to one open storage area, 
but each pair has a drawer behind it, so there is space for serving utensils.

So, I started out certain I would paint it the same blue black of the original, and I would use the toile wallpaper I used on this China Cabinet [below], and which I have debated just sticking to the walls here in the kitchen for quite a while [case in point see that date on the pic of the swatch of wallpaper propped up there above the sheep picture... yeah, I've been thinking about this THAT long]

But now I am wondering, what if I just paint it the antique white and use the toile?
I guess I'll have plenty of time to go back and forth... this is one big piece of furniture to sand... my arms feel weak just thinking about it....

If you have thoughts or ideas, as always I would love to hear them!


Loretta said...

You certainly found a nice one! I love the size. I'll wait to see what you come up with, because of my different opinions about painting a piece. I must say I do love love the one that got away! Have a great week to come, and in case you haven't visited us yet please come over, and let us know you've been there...we'd love having you! Hugs

Anonymous said...

Looks like a perfect fit, except what are you going to do where the top interferes with the light switches on the wall? You don't really want to have to reach inside the cabinet to switch on a light.

As for colors/paper, etc., that's so personal. I love the choices you've made before, but they are all different! Personally, a dark gray would make me very happy, but I'm just in love with that color for the week.

The DIY Show Off said...

It's huge! I can't wait to see what you decide! Good luck with sanding - that's my least favorite part!

The Shabbiest Chick said...

Oh my! That hutch is bee-ooo-tee-ful! What a great find, I can't wait to see what you do with it!