Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wallpapering the closets

I Love, love, LOVE Waverly wallpapers and fabric.. well I also like Farrow and Ball and other pricey items, but I tell myself that Waverly I can afford.  When it's on sale.

And I found several wallpapers I wanted to use, but first of all the cost of doing the whole room was prohibitive, and then the task itself seemed daunting.. well and the idea of what wallpapered walls might do  to the ability to sell the house should we ever have to... so I thought, and thought and came up with 'wallpaper the closets'.

Here's one idea of what I am talking about I saw recently on another bloggers page:
Farrow and Ball wallpapered closet

Love it!

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The Southern Poplar said...

Brilliant! We are renting a house, so I'll have to tweak your idea somewhat to wallpaper the closet, but I love it; thanks!