Monday, October 3, 2011

More booth items and other stuff

First, remember these tables?

I got them for $25 from SA
Well, here they are, done [but without the glass put back in]

I tell ya',... turned legs!  I love them, but hate to paint them!
From now on I will go straight to spray paint and forget trying to brush paint them!!!

These tables?  LOVE them!

Booth Items:
Basket, some will get fall silk flowers put in them

I really love this.... yes chippy and faded, but isn't that the point?

I can see this on the wall in a boys bedroom decorated in nautical motif....

Wooden canisters.  Hmmmm... I am going to whitewash these, getting the letters to pop with more paint and the rest to be watered down/distressed.  These might be for my sisters new house, depending on how they turn out.  They are not lined, but do not stink.... if I was using them I would be looking for plastic containers to fit inside there.

The canister is not old, but I love the colors, and it was cheap so I snapped it up.
The chicken wire basket was on my list of 'Must have'... and now I do!

SIX rolls of wallpaper... vinyl, LOVE it!  And it was $1 a roll!!!

I have no idea what I will do with it... I really want to use it in a room, but which one?
I think I need another room!  I am wondering if it would make my closet too dark, cause the blue/white bedroom walk in closet would look yummy dressed in this and it is so ICK right now just with primer on the drywall...

So there we are.

I am trying to figure out handles for this dresser:

It's all painted in that lovely blue/green oops I scooped up.  But the handles- UGH!  There is ONE missing.  ONE!  
So I start looking and 5.5" Center to center handles are - Cha-Ching!    I bought some simple square knobs, put one on and... it's not love.  *sigh*

Any advice on where to get handles?  I need 14.  FOURTEEN.  
Here are some options I found that I like for it... in various price ranges:


Loretta said... certainly have a nice haul there! Yes i remember those tables and they are very pretty the paint job, although you had a time painting. Those wooden canister, and that lovely blue plate caught my eye. They are really nice. Please come back and let us see how they came out. Love your post! Hugs

Wendy said...

You did great! The end tables look amazing painted white! I am really loving the canister set! And I think your idea to add a room for the wallpaper sounds wonderful! Glad to find someone who thinks the same!
The dress is beautiful. Not sure about the knobs. I have seen fabric or ribbon used as knobs and it looked nice.
Good luck. Keep us up dated.

LatigoLiz said...

Upscale handles etc.:

Brandi said...

Great thrift store finds!! You came home with some neat stuff! Your tables looks great painted! You did such a beautiful job! I can imagine the legs were a pain to finish! I love the color you're painting your dresser too, so pretty!