Monday, October 24, 2011

Booth Results

I don't know what I am doing wrong.  I really don't.
If you do, please, you will not hurt my feelings... just tell me!

I sold a dog bed, for half price, and that was it.

Duke modeled the rest of my beds, so I now have pics of each one with a dog in them, maybe that will help?

I had so many small items, and several items that were 'make a donation of any size and please take one'... and I had my business cards all over and postcards and other ways for people to have something to remind them of what they were interested in... and I took almost all of those home as well.
Trust me, the husband was not impressed.  Course he never is, so what was I expecting?

I had no idea how depressing it would be to load it all back up and drag it home again.
I could not face unloading the car until Sunday...
I guess while I was worried it would not go well, I was convinced somewhere deep down that I would do well.

So what do I do now... heading into winter with all this 'stuff' is not what I planned!

Shall I advertise all my hutches/china cabinets at $200 each on Craigslist and pray I get offers?
Send pieces to the consignments shops where I will make less than that per piece after commission, but at least they'll move?

I seriously need your advice, ideas, suggestions....


Denise at PinkPostcard. said...

Don't get discouraged! Was this your first show? It does take a ton of work, and a lot of times you do go home with a lot of stuff, and other times you come home with a lot less.
I think there are some things I would suggest:
It's great to have a variety of smalls and large pieces. Larger pieces are always tough to sell unless you are at a show where people are coming to buy furniture. So finding the right show that fits what you are selling is huge. Don't give your stuff away by pricing it too low. It does send a message to buyers. Value your items! You put a lot of work into them right? And it also took gas, and time and supplies! As creative people, it is sometimes very hard to put a dollar value on what we do. Give yourself an hourly rate, and factor that in. Do the shows regularly, and attend the ones you are interested in participating in to find out if it's a good fit for the future. Talk to other vendors and see what they have to say about the shows they are in. Shops can be good, but I've found that the rent and commission means mark up is even higher on my items to make it worthwhile. Craigslist sometimes works. Hold your chin up, and realize that you do something that a lot of people can't do. I'm sad that your hubby isn't excited about it. A good support and encouragement on the home front is also a huge asset in this business. I hope this info helps! Make it fun, and keep pressing on! :) *hugs*
P.S. I read a great article about a month ago on Etsy about pricing your items- if you can search it and read it, it was a boost to me! Very helpful.

Loretta said...

I agree with all Denise said. You have to keep researching the market and keep going...don't get discouraged! It does help to have a good support system. By the way, we love your pet bed. Hubster was very impressed with it! included... with your pet would be a great idea. Wishing you all the best! Hugs Loretta

Agatha said...

I also agree with Denise. You have a lot of great stuff! I shared a booth with some friends at our local trade days about a year ago, my husband was not very encouraging either, it only lasted 5 months, now i just do projects for myself. I do hope things work out for you!

Sandi Sharp said...

I'm so sorry to hear you are so discouraged, but I understand it as well. Most of us have been there that have tried to sell furniture. I agree with all the great advise that the ladies have given you. The two ways of marketing that seem to work best for me are these, a show that only sells furniture. We have a couple here that have shows every four months. They have built quite a following because people who really want shabby or painted furniture look them up. Try to find a show like that, it will really help. The other way is simply craigslist. I put more ordinary furniture on craigslist and save the vintage or antique stuff for the show. Hope this helps you out some. Good luck, it will get better!