Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Lil bit of elbow grease... some paint.. and more elbow grease

... or 'Ow my elbows are hurtin'!!'

I bought this stool at SA quite a while ago, intending to repaint it and reupholster it.
Then I looked her over, and said to myself 'Self, you shouldn't take that which you may not get back together apart.  Maybe, Self, what this needs is just some simple elbow grease?'

Before... icky!

After, clean!

I simply made a solution of HOT water and Oxy clean and soaked it, then scrubbed, and scrubbed and scrubbed with a toothbrush, and then did a final wash with dishwashing liquid and water.

I did buy new rubber feet the other day for this stool and the one for my sister , but I have no idea where I put them

And I also worked in the canister set this week.



Painted and sanded

And then put them into the China Cabinet I love

Well, whaddya' think?
I may take a lil more paint off the Sugar one [more elbow grease], but I also kinda' like it.


Loretta said...

I love the stools and cleaning was all they needed, huh? They are truly straight out of the 50's. I love them. Your sister will appreciate her gift, I'm sure! Hugs!

Leanne said...

hahaa...Leanne here, HSP stands for highly sensitive people (or person) If you scroll down to Oct 1st and work your way up to today it might make better sense! Thanks for dropping in! xo

Tracy said...

LOVE the canisters, just as they are, the lettering and pretty scrolling pops out beautifully. The step stool looks like new now that its cleaned.

Late Bloomers said...

Thanks everyone!
Tracy thanks for the comments on the canisters.. I was starting to doubt my vision. But who can go wrong with $8 [total!] canisters?

Sharon, aka Bootersmom03 said...

Totally Love the canisters!

Cynthia said...

Wow... I love your canisters! They are so pretty!