Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hutch Progress, Day 2

So these last couple days I have been painting and sanding like crazy, trying to beat the rain.

Here's where we started, compared to where we are now:

What I want to do here is make a new door that will cover the bottom 3 'cubbies'.
The top one will then be an extension of that upper center display shelf, and those bottom 3 will be covered storage

Notice some of the doors are not off?  These pieces seem to have been sprayed with a candy coating of shellac... including over the hinges and screws.  This makes it impossible to remove some of them before you strip the screw head... yes even after you take your razor scraper and remove as much of the shellac as you can from the hinge and around the base of the screw.  For now I am painting those doors in place, and with the hinges on... until I figure out how to remove them.  Ideas?

The small,  mullioned doors?  Painted

I think I am going to try that glass adhesive that makes smooth/clear glass look like old pitted glass on these doors.  I'll keep the quaint look, but also get privacy for all the stuff that will be stashed in there.

I actually have about 2 coats of the blue on as well.  I'll snap some more shots and get those up here later.

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Deborah March said...

This looks GORGEOUS...sure hope to see the finished product!