Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Making Plans

The Horse Rescue I volunteer for and to whom I donate 10% of my furniture sales to [unless it's a free item, then I give them 100% of the sale price] is having a charity horse show in Oct. and this will be the maiden venture for Late Bloomers.

It was the org. Presidents idea last year, for me to rent a stall for the day and set up a shop in it of my wares. GENIUS!

So I am planning what to take, what to make and what to do in there.  FUN!

This china cabinet, I have decided to change up a bit for the booth.

After all I went through to get the upper portion juuuuust righ with the beadboard... I am going to get another piece of plywood and paper it with an equestrian toile... and market this as a trophy case.

What else will I put in the booth?
Framed photos from the Fair

Helmet covers


Pet beds

Window Photo displays

Something I would like to find and get done so I can share photos of it in the booth is my own tack closet.  Many people have gone on to get those flat screen HD TVs that do not fit in those old TV armoires almost every living room had.  I want to use one of those armoires to house my now unused saddles and other tack.  The top portion, where the TV was, will get 2 saddle racks and bridle hooks [already have 'em].  The bottom portion, whether a cupboard or drawers, will serve well as a space for saddle pads and the other accoutrements this horse has accumulated in the 20 years I've had him, but that have gone unused since he 'retired' 3 years ago.  This item will go in my garage, so that the 'closet' in the mudroom can be used for, say, coats instead of holding the 2 saddles, 3 bridles and mish mash of 'stuff'.

Pretty boy, lookin' good for 26 years old, right?

At last years show we had a silent auction table that I manned, and I brought this floral arrangement, in one of my grandmothers canisters to decorate the table.  I could have sold this thing several times over, though I faithfully kept responding 'I'm sorry that is not for sale'

So, when I was at the consignment shop this weekend and spotted these, I scooped them up for either booth display, or, in the case of the funnel, to use to arrange some flowers in

I could not resist putting an arrangement in this one!

I want to hang her on the wall or on a wreath hanger with flowers!!

These are a few of the horses this organization helps

I ordered a banner from Vistaprint to put up, it looks GREAT!  I have my business cards from them already.  I also ordered postcards that I will use to advertise and share special offers, ie if someone has a piece they want redone, or makes an offer on an item.

I'm also working on my portfolio.  It is right now simply a photo 'brag book' that I put pictures of my furniture in... very low maintenance and not terribly professional.  I certainly know better!  So, that's getting redone with good pics, in a classy album that I can add detailed information on each page.  Muuuch better than what I have!

So there's lots on the To Do list and I'm doing 'Before' and 'Afters' as I go so I can share.  
Now, keep me on task, will ya?

An addendum, if you have a hankering for some lovely floral designs to decorate your home, or as inspiration, check out Jenny Rebecca Designs on Facebook... so many lovely items to enjoy!!!


Gina said...

What a great idea. It's perfect for a trophy case and I would love to see it with the toile pattern integrated. Good work.

Tracy Suzanne said...

Those are some really great ideas. I love the tack closet one. Your china cabinet is beautiful and a trophy case is an awesome idea.

Have a wonderful weekend...Tracy :)

Jordan said...

That china cabinet is beautiful! I would leave it just like it is!