Sunday, September 4, 2011

Waverly, why do you tempt me so?

It may not be the most expensive wallpaper and fabric in the world, no Brunschwig and Fils or Schumacher, or Farrow & Ball, ... you know the names.

But I love Waverly patterns.  When I scroll through fabrics or wallpapers, they tend to be the ones I'm drawn to, regardless of what style [Traditional, modern, whatever].

Right now I am so, so, so tempted by a Waverly Fabric to make a duvet cover for my soon to be redone bedroom... it's called Bliss Lemon Drop... a lovely floral on a sunshiney background.
Look what happens when you Google!  There is already a bedding set made from it!

And then there's the Waverly Toile wallpaper I used on the Betty China Cabinet:

Well, when I was papering the back of that China Cabinet on my kitchen counter I started imagining putting it up in my kitchen as well.  Every time I left the room while it was drying and came back in I just swooned it looked so perfect there,  the background matches almost exactly the color of my cabinets and as you can see it fits the overall scheme in there.

So I taped a piece up to see if it would work as a backsplash.  Nope.  The pattern is too large.

So how about if I put it above the bead board wallpaper in the banquette area of my eat-in area of the kitchen?  
I would add a strip of wide molding between the toile above and the beadboard below, about where the beadboard ends right now.

Here's how it looks taped up there:

When I look at this I think 'YES!'

Whaddya' think?  Here's the kick, I have less than a roll of this to do the entire area.  Hmmmmm

And here's a new project that I just picked up.  Not sure if it will be simply cleaned up and left as is... or painted [I'm seeing off white].

I think my garage may officially be stuffed to the gills... I dunno that there is even room for me to work in there.  Time to move some items on.... 

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