Saturday, September 3, 2011

August is not my friend

And I am happy to see it gone.

I was away this past week thanks to Irene who did not do any damage to my house [Thank you God!], but left us without power for the week.  We ate out alot.  We spent alot of time reading during the day and going to bed early.

Today was our first full day with power and job #1 was cleaning out the fridge and freezer.  ICK!  Thankfully it was not that stinky.  We took 3 large leaf bag garbage bags of food to the dump.  That hurt.   Seeing all the furniture people were dumping hurt too.  And as much as I love to upcycle, there was no way I was grabbing any of it!  Yuck!

I spent much of the summer trying to find the time, on the right time and day, to go to a new business I wanted to check out... a resale consignment furniture store.  I did finally make it there on the right day and time.. and her place was flooded in this storm.  All 3 rooms of items, ruined.  As a girl who dreams of someday having a shop like that... it broke my heart.  I hope she relocates, and that her sales BOOM!

While we were spared any true catastrophes during this storm, this is the house I lived in before we built this house... I am SO  GLAD I no longer live there... we did have flooding while there, but never in the house.  Trust me getting out of there with the road and drive flooded was bad enough.  I hear they had about 3 feet of water inside... and I can tell you that water STUNK!  Pee-Yew!

I hear that the water was halfway up the blue oil tank you see here.

These are the neighbors.  The gate you see there is a 4 foot gate.... the water was THAT HIGH!

While August could not leave me without a few last swipes- this storm, a nice case of poison ivy, and a GI thing that hopefully is gone- it also brought me great joy.  The 31st was the 20th Anniversary of buying my horse Yo.  TWENTY YEARS.  He's 26 now, doing great and savored his carrot muffin I brought him to celebrate.

He looks good, right?  [ok, minus those hind fetlocks!]

I'll be back later with updates on furniture and other activities here... thanks for bearing with me through this rough month.


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