Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ideas, Ideas

Ok so the Rescue Corner China Cabinet:

I think I might add some chicken wire inside the glass of the upper doors, and the knobs, that are large round knobs I'll paint and do a rooster silhouette on?

Something like this:

I better get crackin'....

Here's the Cabinet at days end... just waiting for the knobs for the bottom that I painted to dry, the knobs with Roosters for the top part to arrive, time to go get some chicken wire for the glass doors... and repainting those hinges... then just touch up painting and it's done!


Loretta said...

This is a great makeover. I love corner cabs. What an awesome post! Still want to see the finished piece though...the chicken wire will be great!
I'm now a new follower, won't you come over and join us as our new follower? We'll love having you! Hugs! Loretta

Late Bloomers said...

Thanks for the comment... I am DYING to see the knobs I bought, they should really make this special.
And yes, I'll be right over!

Tanya said...

What an improvement! I love white. It just makes everything look better. Thanks for linking up at the link party too!