Friday, June 24, 2011

Wha'chou doin'?

Heh heh!

I redid this hutch in the winter/fall:

It has doors up top, that I took out the Godawful gold glass and replaced with cane style radiator metal, though I think that was not the best choice and will try to find another option for the door inserts.

I think I had these glass inserts removed within seconds of taking it off the truck!  Blech!

She was dark, dark, dark- a reddish black stain that I had everywhere while I sanded her.

The counter did come out baby bottom smooth, so I think taking it down to a natural wood look, and keeping that smoothness will add alot to her charm, not to mention lighten her up a bit.  Right now she is  dark, dark, dark.

The 'Replacement' replaced [barely] the Blue/Red hutch I sold that I never should have:

So since I most recently redid and sold items for the rescue, this next week will be doing something for me... maybe.  I'm going to take the 'Replacement' and strip down the counter to wood in the hopes I will love it.  If that does not make me love it, I'll sell 'er and keep searching for another one like my first.

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