Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I can't get no....

... Satisfaction.

My stepdad is/was a huge Stones fan, and I listened to the Some Girls album and a few others often as a kid growing up in his house.  Why the DJ at my wedding refused to play- I forget what song I wanted-   for our Father/Daughter dance I will never understand [but then there is a LONG list of things from that day that still baffle, so there ya' go].

Anyway, my hutch.  I sold this one, and regretted it the next day:

I bought this one for $50 and redid it, but it's not big enough, in hutches size does matter,  and I want drawers down the middle- hard to find.

It has doors in the top that I took those God-awful gold glass swirl windows out of and replaced with Caned look painted radiator metal.

But I just do not like it.  So now I am thinking of stripping/sanding the top down to raw pine like I do my tables, and replacing the metal caning with chicken wire and fabric... and then selling the whole thing.  Of Course.
Then I'll be back on the hunt for a hutch for me.

So that's what I'm doing.  Again.  what are you up to?

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