Sunday, June 26, 2011

That's better

My Kitchen Hutch

See the hutch doors?  The one on the left is the cane radiator cover, in it's natural state.  
The other three are the same cane radiator cover, spray painted black.  
I really don't love either of these options and I'm glad I did not glue them in place!  I'm going to try some of the Rooster fabric I have and see how that looks.

Yesterday I stripped the top and I think it looks much better!

This was it with the counter painted to match the body:

And now:


Loretta said...

Yes it does look better...I really like it. Can't wait to see how you use the rooster fabric. Sounds fab! Hugs!

Late Bloomers said...

Thanks Loretta, I have to fill in the details of this days blog... the sanding off of the paint on that counter was a comedy of errors... a long, long day. But it's done, and that was all I cared about yesterday, getting it done.