Monday, June 27, 2011

Some things are never done

This hutch....


... became this hutch....

... and now looks like this...

But I am still not happy with those upper doors.  I love the cane radiator metal, just not here.
So, here's another option:

This hutch serves as a coffee/toaster station outside of the small kitchen area.  It is a Godsend!

That is just a swatch of fabric, obviously the roosters would cover the entire panel in each door.
The Rooster fabric coordinates with the fabric I used to make my kitchen valances.

and yes those are Xmas decorations hanging on the chandelier.. 

And I used the same fabric on the chairs I painted and reupholstered:

Is the pattern too large, making it too 'stripey'?  
Maybe if I made sure not to match up the Roosters on each door, so that the stripes are not also horizontal, as well as vertical?

Ok now I am leaning towards some art on each panel, something like these Roosters on this page:

I know I have some of those Wallies around here somewhere... I guess the next project is to organize my craft stuff so I can find what I want to use?  Shocking!

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Darci Buhl said...

How funny that we both redid the same hutch! I really like the black. What did you ever decide about the fabric?