Wednesday, June 8, 2011

STUFF- aka Cleaning the Garage

I got the OK from my doc to go back to my usual activities yesterday, so I jumped into the job that I have wanted to do for MONTHS!

The garage is my workshop, and where we keep all our sporting equipment, gardening equipment, the stuff from my dads barn, and odds/ends that we just have not put away since our move [yes, 2 years ago]
Basically it's just a BIG mess.

In the back, my horses corner.  Those are some of his blankets hanging there, the garbage cans are some of his feed, and the tubs above on the shelf are supplements and other stuff.  Stuff, Stuff, Stuff... horses have lots of stuff.

In the foreground on the left boxes of stuff from my dads barn, my beagles crate [new beagle does not require crating like Joey did] my old bike.  On the right the shelves of boxes of china that was Grandmas, and then 2 HUGE boxes of recycleables.

2 HUGE boxes of garage sale stuff from my neighbor- THANKS Krystal- and the lawn tractor.

Stuff- this is mostly the stuff I am presently or plan on working on.

This is another item from my neighbor Krystal- a card table whose top has seen better days.
The plan is to take off that shredded whatsit and recover the table with a fabric that I will also use to recover the folding chairs I have [below].

I uncovered my Grandmothers dining chair in that mess of stuff.  I had been halfheartedly working to take  the cross stitch cover she made to match her china off.  I'll get it cleaned and framed.  I got that done and also removed the cover under that and the horsehair/straw stuffing.

This was her china pattern she matched, obviously not exactly, but still lovely.

Then I went after the dresser from my dads barn that was buried in there.
It needed a good scrub, I used some warm water with Murphys Oil Soap in it.

Besides the years and years of gunk on it and in it and several splats of bird shizzle I don't want to know what else was on it.

After it was clean and dry I applied some of that bees wax/honey wood restorer/protecter.
Hubby said exactly what I thought he would when he saw it 'Holy Shizzle!'
{apologies to his Irish Catholic mother, though she does not read my blog I am sure her ears were burning with his blasphemy}

The middle drawer sticks so I'll have to lube that up and maybe sand it a bit.  The inside of this dresser smells like cedar too.  Interesting.  Originally I was going to replace my childhood dresser in my sons room with this one, but now I see that it is way too nice to trust him with and too small for his stuff.
This is going in the living room where the Art Deco Buffet [for sale] is now.

OH!  I forgot the stuff I found IN the stuck drawer.  I'll post that tomorrow, it's time for dinner!

Finally, in between all this, I took breaks from the oppressive heat inside, and here's what I caught the Beagle doing:

Pretty girl

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Loretta said...

Good stuff, especially the dresser. Don't you just love re-conditioning! Hugs! Loretta