Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dog Beds

These beds are made from furniture that would have ended up in the landfill, or are otherwise out there cheap.  I make these, my hats, the dog bedding and other items to raise money to support the horse rescue I volunteer for.  Equine Rescue Resource helps abused, neglected and slaughter bound horses.  ERR takes them in, rehab's them, and then finds them a suitable home, while protecting them with their contract.  [I highlighted one of them here: Things-black-and-white... Persy  ]

An end table:



Done [... almost, I am not happy with those finials]
This is with a drop cloth mattress cover

Update:  Did I mention I was not happy with those finials?  Here are the new ones... muuuuch better!

This is with the floral mattress cover I originally planned for this bed

Nice detail

Originally I was going to put this flat top on it and place a mattress on top of that, but then I realized I had some 4" foam from a mattress pad that I had cut up to use in my own dogs bed.  I cut that to fit right down inside the edged of the table.

Doll BunkBeds remade for a pooch:


Almost done

They needed 'something'

Again, these finials are not that 'something', so I ordered some... finding nice finials is hard!  Lowes and Home Depot are not carrying much in the way of that type of thing near me anymore *sigh*

*Please note those are only fabric swatches on this bed, that is not the 'mattress'

This one came from the bottom of a dresser, where the drawer was missing a front, thus really not of much use:

This is the dresser minus the bottom.  I am putting some feet on this and repainting it.


The sides [see the strip where the paint is different in the middle?] of this are going to be upholstered in drop cloth fabric, with nailhead trim

Almost done

Nailhead trim done- I had no idea how hard that would be!

Detail picture of the nailhead trim

This is the original dog bed, the bed that started it all.  This was also the bottom of a dresser which had a useless bottom drawer.  What is it with me and dresser with useless drawers anyways?!

Next in line for production:

Another End Table that had seen better days

This has already been painted antique white.  Now that we have a working circular saw, the other parts [a bottom and 'rails' to fit along the top edge of that bric a brac detail to fill where the shelf was and to make it sturdier] will get made!

Doll Cribs

Both of these require sanding and spray painting, so I've been waiting for a non-windy day to start in on these.  I prefer not to also paint my car!

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Brenda Watts said...

LOVE these...I have 2 labs & 5 cats..They would adore these beds. Bless you for helping the equine rescue.