Thursday, November 4, 2010

Things Black and White- Doing the 'Warm Weather' dance here

Update; So things are not going as planned on this 'I'll have this done in a week' project.
Did you know beadboard wallpaper, the love of my life, does not stick to plywood?
Let that be a lesson to you.

So we are back to square one trying to get a back on this China Cabinet.
The good news?  I sold my Armoire.  Christmas Shopping money!  Yeah

I'm heading off to Home Depot for the 15th time.  You?

All things being relative, of course.... but I need the temps to go up a bit so I can finish painting that China Cabinet!
I got a day of 50*+ yesterday and hit the interior of the China Cabinet after spending part of the day at the rescue helping clean and sort items in the new office/tack shed.

So here's my cream/black China Cabinet

In real life it's not as white as it looks here, more off white/cream

Detail pics of the doors

And here's the Inspiration,  black and white paint Persy, AKA Personified, a horse who was saved from the slaughter pipeline.  How we can allow this practice to continue in this day and age, I have no idea.
Call your legislators to get the bill banning slaughter here in the US and export for slaughter illegal.

Learn about the issue  here or here, and contact legislators
CAUTION Graphic pictures at some of the links above

He has just the kindest eye, and is a real sweetheart.
Alas he's still in need of a home.

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
-Mahatma Ghandi 

Part of the reason I started to 'upcycle' furniture was to raise funds to help support my local horse rescue, who helped Persy and so many horses.  I donate 10% of all profits from my sales to Equine Rescue Resource.  If you are interested in helping, I'm sure there's a local rescue you could offer time or funds to.  If you have trouble locating one, give me a shout as I'm in touch with several rescues all across the country.

Finally another project inspired by another bloggers question about my craft space [still under development though I am eyeing the play room!] 
It was half price day at Salvation Army, and I actually found exactly what I wanted to 'finish' my crafty space in the Laundry room:

'finish' is in quotes cause is anything ever really finished?
It was marked $9.99, but only $4.99 on Half Price Day- WOOT!

Now, how do I redo this stool?  Painting over the almost rusty metal is a given, I'm thinking the yellow goes red and the shiny metal bits go black... but I also want to reupholster the seat and back.  Ideas?  I'm thinking slipcover?  Since the back of the seat back and the bottom of the seat are metal and resisted my attempts to pry them open slipcovering [ie with an elastic so it just pops on and off to be washed] came first to mind.  

I have no idea what one can use to stick fabric to metal- is there something out there that would do that?  Something that could later be undone, in case it gets ugly at some point?


Angie said...

I am a huge animal lover and appreciate the fact that you are helping horses and trying to educate people on the horrific act of horse slaughter. It is unreal the disgusting animal abuse that goes on here and all over the world every day. I read about it and sometimes wish I was ignorant and didn't know 'cause it haunts me all the time. I pray for it to end and for people to have compassion for all living things.

Denise said...

ditto to Angie!!!! It is great that you are doing something to help. I didn't click on the photos you had linked to, I can't handle stuff like that. Thank you for helping Persy!

The Reluctant Blogger said...

I am in love with these kind of stools! I can't wait to see what you do with yours!