Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Small Disasters, and on to the next thing

So here are pics of how the first China Cabinet back came out.  Yeah, not so good.

Beadboard wallpaper, how I love you.  But you do not stick to cheap plywood, and so I must bid you adieu for this project.  


So back to Home Depot I went, kid with pink eye in tow, and I got actual beadboard plywood, custom cut by a charming and very helpful HD employee... with some trim pieces to cover where the beadboard 'seams' will be.  You see the back of the China Cabinet [CC] is 54" and bead board, if you want the pattern to run vertically, is only 48" and you just can not squint enough to make 6' of gap disappear, I don't care how myopic you are.

Aside: Why they make beadboard sections in 4' x 8' sections I can not tell you... who runs beadboard taller than 3' or 4' [other than the few who go floor to ceiling]?  If you must make it 4' x 8', wouldn't it make more sense for the pattern to run the other way at least?

So we're piecing 3 pieces together to cover the back of this CC... and covering the 'seams' where those pieces meet and hiding the mismatch of the pattern [cause it would have taken another whole $19 piece and more patience than I presently have to actually also match the pattern] with some trim.  Really, it's actually exactly the look I wanted in the beginning of this project.  Almost 'board and batten meets beadboard' which sounds like a bit much, but trust me, it's perfect.  Or will be.

And here's my most recent Goodwill find, soon to be doll/dog bed:

My sister had one of these, I even have a picture of her and my mom and dad on Christmas morning apparently the day she got it.  This one is pitted a bit, and has some very superficial rust so it will get sanded and painted and then a 'mattress' and bedding and become a doll or dog bed.  Fun!  Fun!  Fun!

What to do with the decals, though?  Well obviously the one on the end of the bed is toast, I mean a headless lamb would keep even a baby doll awake nights.  However, the decal on the headboard is still in great shape.  So, is there a way for me to spray paint this without obliterating the headboard decal and actually accentuating it?

I must also say how proud I am of myself for finally, FINALLY, remembering to take a true before picture!!!  Really, all I did with this was take her out of the box it came in!!  

Oh and did I mention that the kid with pink eye who I dragged hither and yon was PERFECT today?  Ok, well 'perfect' is not exactly a realistic expectation to begin with, who am I kidding... but he was awesome!  Not one word was said about not wandering, not swinging, climbing, slithering under, etc., etc.!  And my blood pressure was quite normal the whole time... through my own haircut, his haircut, a trip to Staples where we copied every document associated with building this house [another short story only I can make looooong], and the meeting of the minds that was cutting that beadboard juuuuust so!!  So proud!

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