Saturday, October 30, 2010

Back on the horse...

... err back in the garage, especially with this nice fall weather!

I want to get this thing done, so I can use it in my kitchen until I find the right hutch.  Having my utensil trays full of silverware on my kitchen table is juuuust not the look I was going for after all.

Here's what we're gonna' do:

-We're taking out that mirror [Holy 90's]
-I am going to add some beadboard wallpaper to the back, painted in a cream/sand color
-The glass shelves we may replace with wood, again painted in that cream/sand color, unless once the rest is painted the glass is not too heinous.

I have some nice cream wallpaper with a pattern of french sayings and fleur de lis that I'll paper the inside of the bottom with.  That will really clean up the inside, and is easier in my mind than painting the inside.

Can you see it?


So it turns out the mirrored back was actually 3 pieces of mirror.  I now have 2 long mirrors, and 7 more years back luck.  Buuuuut what else is new?

With 2 more days of work on this monster here is what it looks like now:

detail of some distressing

This was yesterday after I went a little nuts with the sander

And here it is today after another coat of black, and priming the inside with Kilz.

I am hoping tomorrow is warmer so I can finish up the black, and start the sand/cream inside.

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