Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's been SO LONG!

What a couple of weeks it's been!

I had that head cold, sinus thing that was going around, and then had to get out of bed to help with the First Annual Charity HorseShow for Equine Rescue Resource, the rescue for whom I do all this furniture.

The show was a smashing success, with the perfect turnout of competitors and enthusiasts, and the incredible work of volunteers that made for an incredibly fun day.

I was placed at the Auction Table, where I was just amazed at the array of items people donated
-handmade soaps
-Breyer Horses
-A chance to get a custom art work
-Vet services
-A Handmade wooden saddle stand
-Pilgrim statuettes

And of course yours truly had to have items there as well.  I planned to sell the dog bed there, and not only did I sell it, but to a lady who has had just the most harrowing year this year with her horse.  To think that something that I made put a smile on her face, is just the ultimate compliment!

I also, as I ran out of the house at 6:30 that morning, started grabbing anything that wasn't nailed down to sell.  Including the cow pictures from my kitchen wall.

They're back because though I got oodles of compliments on them, no one bit.
I have meant for so long to print the other Fair pictures I took this year, and I think I'll hurry and get those ordered and framed to sell at the next show

Our Fearless leader, in the midst of all that she had on her plate in the last weeks, actually stopped in one of the less savory towns in our county when she spotted a table in a garbage heap she thought I could use to make into a dog bed.  It is SO PERFECT!!!

Can you see it?

And look at the detail....

I'm adding some feet, some finials [after I cut off those feetlets that were covered in a brass thingamabob], paint [of course] and bedding....

Here's the question, what color?  I'm seeing a shabby chic distressed off white simple 4 poster.  
But then to do some color combination that would highlight and play off that greek key design would be cute.  
It could also become a canopy bed.

As always your ideas are welcome.

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