Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Followers, I need you

I did a mini survey amongst some of my contemporaries, and their take on the dogs beds was eye opening.

They felt that they all needed to have thick memory foam {$$} mattresses, which they do have though not all of them are or can be 4' or thicker, without me going broke.
They also frowned on the used furniture being the basis for them- they prefer new materials.
And they thought $125 TOPS was what I could reasonably charge for these babies.

All that being said, with those material requirements and at that price, the rescue would get a donation of not quite $35.  I can just give the rescue the $30 I would pay for the foam and the $30 I would spend on the furniture, ie a donation of $60, and be done with it.  It achieves the goal [get $ to the rescue] more efficiently and in greater denomination.

The finally straw is the apparent apathy on the part of retailers- only one I contacted actually responded, and that was a phone text that was misspelled and even though I indicated I was quite a distance away they suggested I 'stop in'.  : }  The rest of 'em?  Can not even give me a 'no'.

So I ask you, followers, 'Weigh in'.  Please.

I've put alot into this, maybe not all of it documented on my blog, but alot.  I'm disappointed, frustrated, and wonder what I've wasted the last year doing.
Not to mention my garage is full of items, materials and tools that are not going to get me where I wanted to go.


MzMannerz said...

Uh, no, I do not care if my dog has a memory foam mattress. I think the frame and a premade dog bed as the mattress would suffice for me.

$125 would be steep IMO for a dog bed, although the charity angle would help. I think you need to market to a higher end market... people who are empty nesters spoiling their pooches or who otherwise demonstrate liking to give their pooches the finer things in life.

Maybe try a list serv/message board for devoted pet owners and go from there?

Late Bloomers said...

MZMannerz that is a great idea about the list serv/Message boards! Thank you!
I've also set my Facebook friends on a mission to earn a $50 bounty if they find me a vendor, though I am not going to hold my breath on that one.

As for price, yeah my target market are specialty stores where they sell dog sweaters for $80... in my area it is shocking how much people pay for things for their dog children. the bed I sold in Oct at the Charity Horseshow, the buyers dog LOVES the bed! In fact, I should get a copy of that picture and use it in an advertisement with the rest of my inventory.

Thanks again for chiming in!

MzMannerz said...

I think you'll do well! If I didn't have three kids hogging up the budget (ha ha) I would spoil my dog with things like this. For years, I have wanted to get her a Coach collar. Husband has vetoed (see line above re: kids).

Good luck!