Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Teachers gift

I am certain my sons seasoned 2nd grade teacher has more coffee mugs and shtuff than she can shake a stick at, so I wanted to give her something she could really enjoy or use.

So what do we know about her?  Not a whole heck of alot!
I do know she has and breeds West Highland White Terriers, WHW, and being a dog lover myself, I figured a gift embracing the doglets would be well aimed.

So I searched for charming WHW *anything*... figures, framed prints,... and came up with alot of dog stuff that I was not sure was a WHW but more likely a Scottish Terrier.  I imagine that happens alot- that people confuse the 2, esp in figurines that are not colored, and she gets the wrong dog.  That would annoy me.

Then I found this coloring book in an antique shop, and was looking through it for tips on how to tell the difference between a WHW and Scotty

Here's the Scotty

And the WHW coloring page

And then a lightning bolt!

What I think I am going to do is color copy and blow up the back of the coloring book to make matting.  Then I'll color photocopy this page, reducing it and frame the page w/ the back page matting in a cute little 8x10 frame.

I also found these I'll do the same treatment to for my dog room/Laundry room

Labrador Retriever
If this does not scream my sons name I dunno' what does

A baby and a Beagle... awww

This coloring book really is so nice, and NOT COLORED in!  And it cost me a whopping $2!

It covers so many breeds, and some of them look a little different than what we think of the breed standard today, but this was made in the 1950s, so I'm sure some changes have occurred, not to mention that artist may have taken some artistic license

This is going to be fun!!!

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