Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just throwing this out to the universe, maybe it will stick?

How the heck do you get a job if no one is hiring people who do not presently have a job?
And how do I get a job with no references?  And if I could volunteer somewhere, I could get references, but no one will take volunteers, even those places who ask for them... like my sons school.
Teachers are upset they lost their Aids to budget cuts, but do they use the people who signed up on the 'I can volunteer' list at the beginning of the year?  Nope.  At least they do not use me.

So I can not even get a ref. for a real job from volunteering at my kids school when they ASKED for volunteers... cause they will not use volunteers.  Meanwhile teachers are upset that they have to do their own copying cause they lost their Aids.
See the vicious circle here?

Meanwhile I can not advertise my furniture or do my blog because my software for my Kodak camera died.. and Kodak tells me the 5 year old or younger camera is 'old' and they no longer support that software.  I guess that means 'buy a new camera'?  Do you think it will be a Kodak?  Yeah.. no.

And no, the IRS has NOT coughed up our First Time Homebuyers credit.  Still.  And I've spent nearly $8000 in faxes, and copies of documents to prove to them that I indeed qualify for that $8000 refund.

I won't even get into the subject that is my fathers cancer spread and hospice and making decisions about treatment or non-treatment that just make me sick to think about...

Dear Universe... my plate is full and I am all fed up on sick and tired.

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