Monday, February 7, 2011

The Under 100 Club

Here's the first blogger with under 100 followers who I think is an Undiscovered Diamond:

I loved this post of hers, below, taking a discarded window and making it into a hutch!  Genius!
And since I am [STILL] working on that window for my sister, it hit me right where my creativity lives .

I really, really want a tufted ottoman/coffee table in my living room, in front of the fireplace.  A nice spot to sit and read a book, or put your feet up and converse... and look what Nan made!  She makes it sound so easy, I might just give it a try.

Nan, best of luck to you getting to your goal of 100 followers!   And nice work lady!

Have to add something... I posted something I made a few years ago on a forum, and thought ya'll might like to see it too!

Remember those long stocking hats we had in the early 70s?  Well I was reminiscing and wanted one for my son, so I made one.

Here he is modeling it.

Pretty easy to make, just two ^ shaped pieces stitched up the sides, and then knot the top, fringe what sticks out of the knot [you can adjust the knot for longer/shorter fringe or add extra fabric at that end for more fringe or another pattern of fringe to show], and roll up the bottom to fit head [thus they grow with your kid].

Then I was playing with my helmet and made this:

Same idea, though I hemmed the end so that there was not alot of bulk over the brim.

My Grandmothers Diary:  I had been including in each blog entry, the entry from my own Grandmothers Diary from that day in 1937.  I did not get alot/any comments on those, so I've assumed they really aren't of much interest to anyone else, and am dropping them.  If I'm wrong, just say so and I can put them back...


Karla at Home said...

Hi, The toile black and white wallpaper I bought from a store that is now out of business. Sorry I can't find the receipt but I think it might be from Waverly. Good luck...might check ebay. Karla

Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss said...

Pertinent to your question regarding the flooring in my's wood laminate by Columbia which I purchased through a local, family owned carpet/flooring store. The color is Caramelized Claro Walnut. Here's the Columbia link:

With that being said, I am NOT happy with it. In my opinion, it was a very expensive mistake and given the opportunity, I would not chose wood laminate again. It is so slippery our pets slip and slide and find it difficult to get their footing on it. If you're walking around in stocking feet, watch out because you could very easily land on your tush! It's noisy. Really noisy. Shoes, and especially the sound of our dogs' toenails constantly clicking across it drives us crazy. It and water do not mix! My daughter spilled some water in the kitchen and apparently didn't get it wiped up good enough. As a result, the laminate has bubbled and warped from the residual water. Now I'm scared to death to leave even a dropped ice cube for fear of water damage to the laminate.

Unfortunately, I have this Columbia wood laminate in the kitchen, breakfast room, sunroom, a short hallway to the garage and the foyer but if I had the money, I'd rip it all out in a heartbeat and install vinyl "wood" planks like I just put in my bathroom (Trafficmaster Allure from Home Depot).

A lot of people seem to love their laminate floors but now that I've lived with it, I don't understand why. About the only positive thing I can say about it is I like the color I picked. IMHO the vinyl planks are more economical and far more family/pet friendly than laminate. If you like the vinyl in your kitchen, I'd fight to put a similar product in your bonus space. My apologies to your hubby...I'm just keeping it real. :)

Anonymous said...