Sunday, February 6, 2011


I've been very frustrated lately.
It seems like many other, more popular blogs ask for submissions of items, sometimes very specific ones sometimes a general theme.  I send mine in, and wait.  And wait.  And wait.
Most of them NEVER even respond, with a kind 'No thank you'.  In fact I have NEVER heard from any of them save one.  Getting the word out there about Late Bloomers is just not happening.

Anyway, I was thinking and looking at other blogs the other day and I started to pay attention to how many followers each one had, and if they had been featured anywhere.  I was wondering how many out there in blog-dom are like me?  Wanting to do more with what they're doing, hoping it takes off, but starting to doubt it ever will.
And then I had an idea... how about we give some props to the unsung heros out there... the blogs who really do neat-o things, but very few know about it 'cause their blog has so few followers?

There are so many diamonds out there, waiting to be discovered.

So I thought starting tomorrow I would feature a link to one of them each day... perhaps a link to their blog that touched me personally the most?  Each one I looked at, and I think I stopped at over 20, I found something about one of their posts that I could relate to.  None of them had more than 100 followers.  All of them had some great ideas.

Til tomorrow....

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Heather said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog ( I completely understand your feelings! There are sooooo many design/craft/make-over blogs out there now. I think it's a minor miracle to get noticed.

Congrats on your 20 followers. I still haven't hit 100 followers yet either! Personally, I don't have the time, nor can I afford, a major make-over every week. I have to love the project whereas I think some people are out there slapping paint on anything for the sake of a blog post.

Sometimes it feels like you are the new kid on the street with the cool toy, but no one will play with you anyway. Keep doing what you love, post it to share, and eventually others will notice. Best of luck!