Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Armoires

I bought 3 of these armoires, originally built-ins, in the fall

I was playing around with just painting them, but I wasn't loving that.  Then I came across that lovely wallpaper and got a hankering to wallpaper... but being afraid to do any papering to our house I wavered.  Then my sister suggested papering these armoires, and with 2 papers I really want to use, perfection!

I started on the first one this weekend.

The plan is to paper the outsides of the doors,  insides of the frame, and then the back of the interior

They have shelves for the upper half, as well as a rod

I started the doors on the one that will be black with the wallpaper I used on my desk

primed, and ready for the black paint, and then paper inside the frame [where it's dark]

This is the paper that will go on/in this one
The challenge will be centering the paper in the frame on the outside of the door.

This is the paper on the back for the hutch to my new desk, which is finally done and almost ready for a reveal.

The other paper I want to use for the second armoire:
with the body of the armoire being that cream background color

As for the 3rd armoire?  I'm not sure.  Perhaps I will fall in love with one of these and have to do a second one?  Or come up with something completely different?

Now I need to go get ready for our early Valentines night out.  We have not had a date night since August when my mom and sister came to babysit and sent us to a spa as our last years Xmas gift.  We're due, I think!

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