Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hotel Liquidators, Icky or cool?

My sister and I stay in one particular hotel when we go to see our dad for longer than a day.  Originally when we started staying there over a year ago it was decorated Lodge style- large chunky knotty pine wood furntiure and rolled arm upholstered pieces in plaids and other lodge-y prints.  It was really nice, IMO.

They recently started to renovate, and I am dying to know where that furntiure went cause I would love to snap a few pieces up [and really I should just call them and ask.  I mean they're almost family, we're there so much!].

I researched liquidated hotel furniture a while ago, looking for a way to decorate this house on the cheap, the usual theme here.

I found this place in CT, which appears to be the closest place to me, and boy do they have great deals!
Of course the husband is ick'd out by the idea.   Honestly, I'm surprised he was ok with the Habitat for Humanity chairs I bought and rehabbed.  He's pretty squeamish about germs and that kind of stuff.  How he married a girl who believes in a 5 minute rule for dropped food, even if said food is dropped in a barn, butter side down... ok, so I did wipe off the butter that hit the floor, but... I was HUNGRY!  And please note, I lived.  *smirk*

Love this couch 

and this Loveseat 

I hate brass, but spray paint can fix that

and I really want a floor lamp floor lamp or two
[at that price I could get 2!!]

Look at this armoire 

A little pricier, but very nice armoire

how about these armoires ?
[note this liquidators also links the items in a set to the item you are looking at, very enabling of them...]
And the matching sleeper sofa for $130.  
Too bad they’re in Colorado!  I'm not.  How much do you think shipping would add to the price?

If you’re in California, which I am NOT...
Now explain to me if a hotel can buy, use for 2 years, then sell to a liquidator lamps that the liquidator then sells for $20 or less each with a profit in there for them... WHY are lamps so pricey in stores?  WHY!

So has anyone ever been to one of these places?  What did you find?
Icky or cool?

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MzMannerz said...

I've never been to one of these places but I look at similar websites frequently. I've been wondering the same thing about the quality of the items.