Thursday, November 17, 2011

Talk Talk

I bought this Telephone Table at the thrift shop for $10 and my sister called 'dibs'

bad picture

seatback detail

So  I painted it ...

... reupholstered the seat [oh it smelled!],... 

Seat back detail

... and did her Monogram on the table.

I think she is really gonna' love it!!

They finally brought Hobby Lobby to my town.  I had a blast there the other day, and could have bought a truckload of things I loved.

I saw this set of 3 canisters in black and white with some red, the large said 'Live', the medium said 'Laugh', and the small said 'Love'.  I was dying to buy them for sis, they are perfect for her... but they were too pricy.
So, I am going to try making them!

I think I'll take 3 coffee cans [I save them for the horse rescue for donation cans], paint them black, and then add chalk paint and then I can write the words in chalk, or maybe stencil with the stencil I did her Telephone Table with.  I'll post them if they come out ok.  :D

If they never come to fruition it's cause I do know some snakes have taken up residence in the crate I have all the cans in out in the garage... and once I see one of those slithery dudes,... well the project is over after that.

I'm scrambling to get it all done as I am heading up to see her Friday to help her paint, decorate and get settled and ready for Thanksgiving!  Can not wait to see her new/first house!   So exciting!

I linked up with Savvy Southern Style's wow-us-wednesdays, and Kammys Korner, trash-2-treasure-tuesdays   There are some awesome projects posted at both blogs.

I love a blog party... it cuts down my computer time substantially to have those select projects to peruse... but boy oh boy did I waste time after Christmas looking at all the 'year in review' parties!!!  I thought about doing one myself [a recap post], but with the hiatus I took I'm doubting many of you have stuck around [understandably].


Loretta said...

Girl, how I'm longing to be your sister right about now! This is stunning! The! And, adding a canister set too! You rock! I know she is going to be sooo surprise when she see all of her goodies! Hope your holiday a wonderful one! Hugs

Late Bloomers said...

Aw thanks Loretta! I really appreciate it.
My sister is a huge inspiration to me, and so much more...

Megan said...

GREAT job, Ang! Just FYI, Hobby Lobby has 50% off sales ALL the time. So if you ever see something you don't want to make yourself, wait a week and check back. Chances are it will be on sale.

Kammy Wielenga said...

Oh I'm in love! So pretty! I'd be honored if you'd share this over at Trash 2 Treasure Tuesdays on the Korner:

Anonymous said...

BEE . U. TI. FULLL job on the telephone bench! You are very talented and your sister is a lucky duck.


I'd love for you to share this project and future projects at my Show & Tell party at
It kicks off weekly on Wednesdays.

Our DIY Diaries said...

Oh this is just beautiful! I would love for you to share this at our Fab not Drab Fridays link party!