Monday, November 14, 2011

A new project- my sanctuary

So, I work on many things to sell, and I enjoy it especially when the people who buy the item really love it.
I sold my black China Cabinet this weekend, and it was a thrill not only to have the lady like it so much, but also to meet another very nice couple who also believe in recycling and repurposing, and also understand the issues around horse rescue.



Anyway, that is very rewarding, and I sure wish I could sell more!  But I also am in hibernation mode here in the Northeast, and working on a few items to make my master bedroom more 'me'.
To that end I have been sewing a new duvet cover, another item one can make easily if their sewing skills begin and end at 'pillowcase'.  It's a lovely Waverly floral, called Emma, fitting since my beloved Lab is named Emma also.


I also wanted a headboard that was comfortable to lean on while reading before bed, a favorite way to unwind for me.  So I searched and searched Craigslist and finally found one I liked, and thought was being offered at a reasonable price.

Yesterday I started working on it:

First I pried off those weird things on the bottom and the floral applique, which I plan to replace when it's done.  Then I sanded and sanded.

Today I put on a coat of primer

See where I did not paint?  I plan to upholster that part

No this bed is not going to be a dark color.   I am planning on giving it a very distressed white finish though, and I want some grey, blue, green and wood to show through.

It's going to be lovely... hopefully I can git 'er done this week before the weather gets cold again!

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Loretta said...

So happy you sold that piece... more will come! Can't wait to see your new bedroom, liking the colors. Take care. Hugs