Sunday, November 6, 2011

The big one did that did not get away



... and... well still 'During', but some progress has been made.

On each side, where you see the bottom 3 shelves I hope to make a door to conceal them, so that only the upper shelf on each end, and across the center will be 'open'.

Still many more coats of paint to go,  and plenty more sanding.  And I am trying to decide if I will paper the center in the Waverly cream/red toile wallpaper or not... but there's plenty of time until she's 'done' to live with that swatch there to decide.

I have to take pics, I have added new hardware [Hobby Lobby ceramic knobs] and I am adding lights this weekend... and I think I want to put a Stainless Steel counter on her... thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Love it! That is a spectacular piece and fits perfectly in your space. Love the finish. If it were me, I'd leave the counter as is.

Christie said...

Whoa! The size of this project is staggering. It looks like it took more time then Kim Kardashians marriage!