Monday, November 21, 2011


My sister bought a house!  My sister bought a house!!!  Her first house!
So excited, after all we've been through the past 18 months with our dad, and then the passing of our Grandmother as well, this is something they both would be so pleased and proud of her for achieving.

I had the opportunity this weekend to go visit and help her get ready to move, alas I could not help her w/the actual move which is today.   But she had a couple items she wanted painted and I was able to whip them out while helping her clean and do other things.  At least she will move into her new house with these nicely redone items on the 'done' list, instead of the 'needs doing' list.

The first item was a small dresser




Cute, right?

The next item is a vanity we took out of our dads barn.  It had a green paint finish that I covered with a green/grey and then lightly distressed.




We went back and forth on what to do with the top, I think it looks good like this for now, and maybe we'll change it down the road.

And then there was the dresser from dads barn that I could not fix... at least for now:

It would have been so great to get all 3 done, but this victorian dresser had a very gritty, bumpy finish and when I started to sand it, it got gummy!  Blech!
We planned this one to go much like my refinish of the dresser I got from Dads barn:


After a good clean, light sand and application of orange oil and beeswax:

Realizing it would take a lot of time/energy to do it the 'cheaters way', and would not come out as well as doing it right, I gave up!  We'll put it in her basement or garage and strip it, and refinish it the right way later on.

Today sis moves, and I am so proud of her, as I know the rest of our family, those here on Earth and those in Heaven, is.  I am so glad I went up there to help out in a small way, and I can not wait to visit this weekend for the Holiday!!!

So much to be Thankful for on this Thanksgiving, including sister's first home!!!


Loretta said...

How wonderful of you to help your are awesome with a paint brush girl! love love the pieces you repurposed! Congrats to your sister on the purchase of her new home! What an accomplishment! Happy Holiday to you both and family! Hugs

Late Bloomers said...

Aw thanks Loretta! My sister is so special to me and in general... an amazing person I'll blog about someday.
Happy Holiday to you and yours as well!

Brandi said...

Congratulations to your sister! Such an exciting time for her! Your a sweet sibling to help her clean and redo furniture!