Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A trip to Habitat for Humanity ReStore

I'll spare you the details about the staff there- the only adult was busy texting and gabbing with friends, the rest of the staff looked to be under 12, and had no idea what prices were on items not tagged.

Anyway, I did come away with a few items:

For the end of our vanity [on the right in this pic] in our Master Bath where I want to be able to sit and use the foot soaker or paint my toenails

this vanity stool

It's already sanded and primed and it will get painted to match the bath, incl the stencil [see below] I have on the wall around the tub, and of course new seat upholstery.

You may remember this Fathers Day gift I made

I snapped up a couple more windows to make a few more

Finally, in my Laundry room I've wanted to add shelves with really nice metal brackets underneath forever .  One set next to the sink hutch:

And over the washer:

  Do you have any idea how much nice metal shelf brackets cost?
I found these curtain tie backs and I think they'll work just fine

They did have hutches, which was my main purpose of going there, but half of them were the wrong size, and the other half that I might have been interested in had no prices... and when I finally interrupted the texting socialite to get a price, it wasn't quite what I was thinking... and for something not quite exactly what I want?  Pass.
I got out of there with all that for just over $30.  That's enough damage for one day I think.

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