Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One Trick Pony?

 A while back I did this desk.  I wanted something in my kitchen and found this 'This End Up' style desk on Craigslist for the right price [cheap] and snatched it up even though it was not exactly what I wanted.  I then painted it and wallpapered the back and I think she came out quite nice in the end:

I bought this China Cabinet a few weeks ago to redo for the rescue.  Turns out one of our sweetest horses at the rescue, Betty B Bright, aka Bubbles, who was injured last year when she was kicked in the jaw became sick last week.  After diagnostics to see what exactly was wrong with her, she started to founder in all 4 feet.  The humane thing to do for her, as sad as it was, was to 'put her down'.  So poor Bubbles is gone, and the rescue has an almost $3,000 Vet bill from trying to help her until learning it was basically futile.  This is now the Betty China Cabinet.

In an effort to help raise funds to pay that bill, the Betty China Cabinet will get finished ASAP and sold.

All that was really left to do was the back, which I was doing a few weeks ago to prep for the Flea Market when the Beagle ran off.

She looks innocent doesn't she?  Out all night gallivanting!

So it never got finished and I did not go to the Flea Market with any of my wares.  Are the Gods trying to tell me something?

Anyway, I planned to do beadboard on the back of the Betty China Cabinet and paint it Robins Egg Blue.  But then I had that cream with red toile wallpaper that was just staring at me.  Begging me to use it.

I know the beadboard in blue will sell, but I really, really felt called to use the Toile.

So, to satisfy my curiosity and also to get this thing sold, I did the Toile on one side of the back, and the other I will do in the Blue Beadboard and the Betty China Cabinet can have two backs!

First I had to prime the plywood, as there were 'knots' in it and I was afraid they would show through.

Two pieces of the paper and she was done, with a slim strip added to the one edge.  

Hindsight- had I measured I could have centered the 2 pieces and probably not had to use that final slim strip to complete it.

And now as I look at this on my kitchen counter I am really jonesing to use this wallpaper in here... it really goes well with my cabinets and other colors in the room.  Talk me out of it!

This will get some time to dry and I'll get the other side [beadboard wallpaper and painted blue] done and pics of the final product will go up soon.  I promise.  Unless of course disaster strikes as it is wont to do around here.

Who?  US? 

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