Monday, July 11, 2011

Inspiration or theft?

Now that the China cabinet is 99% done [I'm heading out in a few minutes to put the last coat on her],



I decided what to do with the Telephone Table, inspired by a post on another blog reviewing Garage sale finds, someone had redone a Telephone Table/Gossip bench {I thought those were 2 seats, not a seat and a table?}.. is that copying/cheating or flattery?  Seriously, people have been painting old furniture to make it suitable for their homes for DECADES people, you have not reinvented the wheel, nor is it rocket science to do this, though I do agree there is a measure of artistic talent required to envision the piece redone as you stare at it's forlorn self sitting along the curb.  If you like what you see on  my blog and decide to try it yourself, go nuts and please share the results with me... I would be thrilled to have inspired, and flattered that you even read this blog, and probably inspired with the twist you put on it to make it your own!

I love this detail on the back and I can play that up with some gentle distressing.

Anyway my sister is undeniably the Coffee Queen so painting this bench the Antique white [of which I have GALLONS] and doing the seat in a coffee sack with a hint of color in the 'label' will be perfect.  I hope I can figure out how to make some dropcloth into a coffee sack look because a Google search of Grain sacks and looking at those prices almost had me in heart failure!!!  Why couldn't there have been a mother load of those babies in my dads barn?  Honestly there might have been, who knows... I only waded through about 1/3 of that treasure trove/horror show.

I am off to paint!!!  What are you doing today???

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