Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2 new projects

I dunno when I will work on them, or how dedicated I can or will be to getting them done... but here are two items I picked up in the last week to work on:

Telephone Table

I love the seat back detail

This little telephone table was at a thrift store in Cortland where my dad is in a home.  We got some 'therapy' there while he was being transported from hospital to home, and I dunno if I should thank or never speak again to the lady who told us about the place.  LOL   I got the table for $10 and my sister immediately called dibs on having it in her new house.  The question now is, black or antique white, and what fabric?  So many choices... and so much time in which to choose!  Sister will be buying her house next year.  Long story.

China Cabinet

Then yesterday I saw a Craigslist ad for a Hutch in the free section.  I am still searching for my dream hutch for my kitchen so I am compelled to look at ads for those.   While not perfect for me, I decided to pick this one up and redo it for the rescue... the landlord who's tenant left it as payment towards a couple months unpaid rent was willing to give it to me, but I felt better giving her something for it.

This I think will go white with the robins egg blue underneath, and as the back for the upper portion.

I'm actually wondering if it would make a reasonable trophy cabinet?  Some horse farms might like to have something like this in their tack rooms to display their prizes?  It's a thought.

That's the hardware before.

Here's the 'after':

Oooh Pretty!

Those door hardware pieces would not come off, so I painted them in place figuring that the primer would cover any 'oops!'  I did the same for the hinges on the center top door.  Call me lazy, but I hate removing and then replacing hinges.

I'm proud of myself for getting it cleaned and the hardware painted.  I am also scratching thanks to mosquitos in the garage.  Argh!

Ok Progress on Day 3:

Another update:

I have been more dedicated then I thought I would be, guess I need a distraction?
Anyway here she is as of today, I think she looks great!

Tomorrow is the family reunion, so she will have all day to dry and 'cure' and then I'll do some distressing and finish it up!


Chrissie said...

I love both pieces, especially the china cabinet!

Decor & Harmony @ 4290 said...

I can't wait to see the restyled versions. Newest follower stop by for a blog visit.

Late Bloomers said...

Vicky, I looked at your blog, love your stuff and included it in my list of inspiring blogs... cause you know, us Beagle ladies have to stick together!
My post about my Beagles was in September 2010, called 'One mans Trash'