Thursday, January 6, 2011

Second Chances

Addiction, and the low self esteem that goes hand in hand, is such a hurdle.
I hope this man sees that the interest in his story and support he is being offered speaks to his worth, and that he has the support of a good AA/NA program to help him navigate this difficult road called Recovery.

Grandma Ceciles Diary entries

Tuesday January 5
Nice day, sun shining, lovely this morning.
Washed and ironed to-day.  Joyce got a doll from Arlie, it is a big one.  James got his cap too. I went after the school children.  Harry got out wood.  Sent after the cloth to make the kids\s snow suits.  Joyce named her doll 'Mary Jo'.

Can you imagine, hand sewing your kids snow suit?

Wednesday January 6
Very nice day.  Went in the woods with Harry after load of wood.  Russel stayed down, so the kids walked home from school.  Cleaned up stairs and down and washed windows on inside.  Went to the show and had to wait untill the second show.  No got the 100, dollars.

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