Sunday, January 9, 2011

One small Mission Accomplished

Thursday we were fairly certain we would have a snow day Friday thanks to a snow storm, so I headed to Lowes thinking we would use the time to complete a couple projects.

One small project that I have kept in the back of my mind to look for materials for is the Mudroom/Laundry room cabinets knobs.  They keep snapping off in our hands leaving us powerless to open the cabinets.

While at Lowes, to which I have not ventured in a while so I had to look at each aisle, I did find some knobs on sale... and while I did not like the finish, I did like the shape and figured I could use some of the flat black/hammered spray paint I had to make them juuuuuust right.

Here are the knobs in question:

Here are the knobs on the cabinets... before:

One thing I love about spray paint is the ability to buy brass and get hammered black, or silver, or any color I choose... what I hate about painting knobs is having to do it in stages.  Paint the tops, then one side, then the other and then finally the bottoms.  Then invariably spruce up one or many of those from having rotated too early.  I was thinking about this when I thought of a solution, and here's what I did:

I've got a nice supply of cardboard hanging around here from Xmas still, so I just cut a length to hold them all with enough room between, poked the screw through, screwed on the knob, and painted away.  Awesome!  Except the hammered black can was empty... so I had to use the gloss black... and I like it!

Here's how they looked after:



And the rest of the room, after:

It's a small thing, certainly.  But it's done!
I did also work on my hutch, but the computer is giving me fits right now, so I'll do that update tomorrow.

Here's Grandmas Diary entry

Saturday January 9
Awfully dark and rainy  Joyce and James are visiting over home to day.  Harry went down town helped Robert buzz wood.  We went to Grange.  I stopped at Delevans, called Olga up.  Wells Cardner funeral Sunday.  Dean can stand up in his pen.  

Dean being a baby at the time, and apparently standing in his play pen.
Delevans are the neighboring dairy that still stands and still is in the same family.  They also make maple syrup and I have a quart in my fridge right now.  Sooo good!  I remember as a kid going down there to their sap house and getting a little dixie cup of the sap as it's almost syrup to taste- sooo good.
My dad also used to collect sap and make syrup, one year collecting the sap in a water trough he threw in the back of his '52?  '54?  VW Bug.  And yes my siblings and I were able to keep that car when dad went into the home this spring, though I have yet to see it.  Such memories...

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Anonymous said...

I agree - painting hardware can be a really slow process but so worth it! It made a big difference on your cabinets.