Thursday, January 13, 2011

Displaying my photography

I bought these frames the day before the snow day so I could work on getting them painted and then filled and up around the banquette.
They're rustic and simple enough that they do not distract from the photo.  Did I mention they're cheap?

So here we are working on them, having painted them...  just adding the photos

I had about twice as many photos as frames and space on the walls, so I really had to pick my absolute favorites.

Here they are on the wall

the four on the right were already up, these 4 new ones are on either side of the window

You can see the top picture here is one of my favorites of my horse, Yo

I was worried that they would make the area too busy, but they don't and actually they make it look wider, I think.  Someday, should I keep taking pics and wanting to add them here, I may just move them up to the top of the wall and have them all around the room.  But then we also want to add crown molding in this room someday too wrapping it all the way around and over the fronts of the cabinets... someday.  Originally I had wanted to put a tin ceiling in here too, and a wood beam across the space between the kitchen area and the dining area.  So many ideas...

Now, here's what I need an idea for... how do I disguise that heat register up there?  Man I hate those things!  Especially since they presently only blow cold air!!!

Grouchy Marx the Pig

Check out those ears!

Grandmas Diary entries

Tuesday January 12

A little snow on the ground, I took the kids at night.  Rena, Bud, Gramp and Franklyn were here to supper.  We all gave Marna a surprise Birthday party, played cards and had a lovely supper, Rena made the cake.  She got a bowl, diary & scarf.

Wednesday January 13

Warm.  Harry helped Robert, clean up the cows and fix the milk house.  they got a load of sawdust.  I went over in the after noon, I sewed all day on the kids snow suits, got them all done.  Joyce and Jimmy washed the dishes so I could sew.

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