Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another snow day?

Another storm heading our way, so I stocked up on a few things to kill the time...

-a few more frames for the pictures I want to add to the kitchen- these get painted to match the other ones and I love their simple rustic 'vibe'.

these are the ones presently up on the wall:

Here are the pics I have in 8x 10 to add to these:

-fabric for a dog bed in the family room.  Since I put my Beagle Joey to sleep, the new Beagle and the Lab spend more time in the family room, and they're hogging all the room!!  So I've been planning to make them a bed out of fabric that coordinates with the slipcovers I have and the colors I like in there.  Of course, once you start looking for something specific you're certain to not be able to find it.  So yesterday I went looking for a winter coat for my son, and found the fabric for the dog bed!
Of course, I did not find a coat for the kid.  But we did see the doctor and I am so relieved his mark on his head is just a mole and not something worse!!!

Emma Lou

Hailee Bugg

BFFs who share the ottoman

I think that's probably ambitious enough, but of course there are always other little jobs finishing this-n-that to do should I get really ambitious and decide to put my book down [not likely it's quite good!].

Here's Grandma Ceciles entries for yesterday and today

Sunday January 10

The ground is white this morn.  We went up to Aunt Pearls, had a nice times, Jesse's were there.  Little Fred had a soar leg and cried.  It is cold out tonight.  We had pop-corn for supper.  Jean and John were out with their skiis.  Fredricks birthday was to-day.

Monday January 11

Nice day.  I washed we took care of meat I took the kids, barn inspector over to Bob's, their milk is out until the vat is fixed.  We went over home and heard the radio in the evening it was real good.  Cut Aunt Ellas hair [bobed] it looked good.  Sewed on kids jackets.

I was frustrated at not being able to find a winter coat for my kid in the right size for next year... and here my grandmother was, 74 years ago, making the kids their coats!  I will now stop complaining!

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