Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A virgin no more

I have never ever reupholstered anything, and I'm not sure this counts as 'reupholstering' in every sense, but still I am very proud.

I bought these Sat. in a frenzy that sets in when you realize 'Every relative we have is descending upon us for the Holidays' and you have 2 chairs in your kitchen.

We chose them for the price, $40 for all 4, for the quantity, and for the fact that it appeared the seats could easily be removed and reupholstered.

Here they are so far:

I removed the plastic that was covering the seats and then just put this fabric, a remnant I had from my valances I made in the kitchen, over the fabric that was already there.  LOVE the result!

I'm debating tackling the folding chairs we also snapped up... perhaps covering those seats in the complimentary Rooster upholstery fabric remnant I have.

And yes, next I am sanding the already reupholstered chairs and painting them [black]... but I killed the sander yesterday [OY!] so I am off to Home Depot first to see if it can be fixed, or cheaply replaced.   I also killed the iron.  Apparently it was not a good day for electronic devices in this house, and I kept my paws off the sewing machine for obvious reasons.  Does HD sell irons?  Cheap?

See the theme here [cheap]?

Alas a horse rescue friend is injured, so I have offered to go over and help her with her horses today... so HD and the chairs will have to wait 'til after that. S'all good.


The Sander?  Dead.  Sheared off the sander head.  
HD dudes advice, 'Don't press so hard.  Let the sander do the work'.
Easy for him to say.

I bought a quart of Behr [with primer] in  Beluga Deep Space and I love it!  It was a bit too blue on the brush, but dries a fantastic black.  What do you think?

Must dash to get the other 3 painted, the seats reattached and the house put together for the pilgrimage of Outlaws due to arrive... who knows when.  Apparently it is a secret when they will arrive, where they want to stay, and who exactly is coming.  My new mantra:

Poor planning on their part will not become a crisis on mine....
Poor planning on their part will not become a crisis on mine....
Poor planning on their part will not become a crisis on mine....

I so envy all those bloggers who so serenely and peacefully glide into the Holidays... I expect this to all come together with a resounding thud here.  *sigh*

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Chrissie said...

Your chairs look great! Good job!