Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday Score

So today the husband, child and I headed out to see what Habitat for Humanity Restore had in store for us.
Oh the treasures!
They had the desk with hutch top I want... but it was too pricey for our budget.
They had a replacement kitchen hutch, but it wasn't juuuust right, so I passed.  They had several other furniture items, that were really lovely, but not right for where ever I meant to put them.

What we did find were 4 nice chairs to go with the pedestal table we bought last month.  With company coming for the holidays, and now even more company I had no idea about... we needed chairs.
We had 2, rickety, ugly chairs and the banquette... now we have these 4 chairs and the banquette.

These will get sanded, stained dark like the table, and in that box in the center I want to stencil an acorn/oak leaf stencil.  I have fabric left over from the valances that I can recover the seats with and they will be lovely!  All 4 chairs were $40!  And hubby sat on them to see if they were sturdy enough so they're solid.

I also was looking for an old window to make my sister an Xmas present.  She had seen an item at a craft show where someone took a window and somehow floated pictures in the panes to make it like a frame.
I scored this gem for that project:

Let's hope those security thingamabobs are not too hard to get off.
H4H wanted $5 for it.

I also picked up a cute hunt scene folding table for $5.  Then I found some simple wooden shelf brackets that were $1 each to put shelves in my laundry room, and an acorn shaped finial for $1.

Then we headed over to this thrift shop I had heard of, driven passed, wondered about but been too afraid to venture in solo.

First thing I spotted as we walked up was another metal doll crib like the other one I bought to make into a dog bed.  I was certain the guy would want too much.
He only wanted $10!!

Then inside I spotted these folding chairs.  Again we're pathetically short on chairs for the masses it appears are headed to our house for the holidays... so these will be awesome!

Cute right?  Again, $10!  TOTAL!

And finally, I spotted this... I have wanted one for my master bath for ages to go with the Asian/bird theme in there.  Too often they are way too pricey for me to snap up.  When he mentioned $5 I thought I would fall over.

It will go over the corner of my tub area after a good cleaning and light paint job

It's hard to see in this picture but the towel bars are bamboo look, and the walls around the tub are stenciled in a green/green meandering vine pattern.  I have some other verdigris, bird items in there as well [hooks, magazine rack, etc] so this bird cage will just finish her off.

I also found a cute shelf to place between the mirrors over the vanity... it was just too large of a blank space.  This will finish it off nicely with the bird plate I picked up last year at Pier 1.  Shelf was $5

I could have bought a million things in that shop.... so, still scared to venture in there alone, but now in a good way!

Hope you had a great Saturday... and now I'd better get busy!!

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Chrissie said...

Looks like you had a wonderful thirsting day! I love the chairs, can't wait to see them when you spruce them up!