Saturday, December 4, 2010

Progress? Sort of

The twin and the four poster dog beds have 2 coats of paint on them.
The fabric for the mattresses and duvets, visions of which have been dancing in my head for weeks now, is ordered [had to order, they did not have anything at my local Joanne] and on it's way.

The twin white beds are being done with red/cream mattress ticking mattresses, topped with a coordinating red/cream toile duvets [though there will be more to them than just toile].
The metal bed I have not touched yet as I am still trying to find the pinstriping tape, but the material for that one is ordered too, a darling lamb and blue fabric since I intend to keep some of the original blue on it and the one lamb.
The black 4 poster is the last one needing material.  I'm torn between doing the red/cream toile/ticking on it as well, or a black/cream ticking/toile [cliche?], or something completely different.

Today I head out to pick up a big load of furniture.  There are a few pieces I'll sell, and a couple pieces for me that I have been searching for forever.  Once those 2 items I am keeping are here and painted, I can clear out the Family room, put in the carpet, and rearrange everything Juuuust so.

There's also a hutch nearby that could serve to replace the one I sold from my kitchen  and have regretted ever since...  spending that much more $$ though scares me a little [there's a reason I go into this venture in the first place, I'm a cheapskate!]  I'm thinking I'll play waiting game for the price to come down.
What's meant to be will be, right?  I spent quite some time the other day on Craigslist with a notebook, and a map looking at the plethora of hutches out there... I fell in love about a dozen times.  I need a bigger house!  Alas, most of them were too far away to make it feasible to snap them up.

In between all that I've been making dog sleeping bags [Xmas gifts] and stockings for our dogs, and one for my dad in the home.  The house is somewhat decorated, I made one of the wreaths I wanted to make,  menus for when my family and then the Outlaws come to visit are planned in my head, and MOST of my Xmas shopping is done!  That is the real relief right there.  My kid made out very well between Goodwill and the Toys R Us Star Wars Lego sale [there IS a God!].
If I could go back in time and invent Legos...... *sigh*
Why are those plastic connecting blocks SO expensive?

For want of about 2 dozen nails the China Cabinet would be done.  I really should finish her up when I get done writing here, so it can go out into the garage, get it put together, photographed, and sold.  A local business owner with lots of traffic offered for me to post a flier at her shop of whatever item I am selling.  That is an awesome offer I should jump on, and getting the China Cabinet nailed shut, literally, would be the perfect first item to advertise there.

My mom gave us the best gift this year, 6 month membership at the YMCA!  We went last night and hubby and I, in all our flabby-ness, worked out while my son played in their 'Kids Cave' where he gets to play with a Wii without me shelling out $$ for one!  Then we 3 went for a swim during family swim time!  After a month of working out at the Y, I'll be in better shape for skating on our pond when it finally freezes, and hopefully by spring I'll be ready to bike [so I need to save up for that Mountain  bike I want].

Finally, there is a lovely rescue horse who needs her beauty shots done so we can advertise her and find her true home.  This poor girls is just a gem... if I could take her I would snap her up.  I know it seems like I say that about each one, but truly there are about 4 I really mean it about... each one a potential 'heart horse' who I simply met at the wrong time.  While that is sometimes depressing to think about [all those lovely horses I can not have] it is also heartening that when I am ready for the next one, I'm fairly certain one will come along.  The best I can do now is take lovely pictures of her so her home can be found.  I'm trying to find time in the weekend for that as well.

Now, where did I put that hammer?

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