Friday, September 10, 2010

What to do with an Ugly Dresser, Part II

Sing it with me:

What do you do with an ugly dresser?
What do you do with an ugly dresser?
What do you do with an ugly dresser?

Make it into a dog bed!

Yes, it took alot of convincing to get my husband to cut this dresser, but as I said, there were 2 bottom drawers that weren't.
One was completely missing, and trying to find oak to match this old piece was next to impossible.
The other had no bottom.

Here's how it turned out:

It makes a nice nightstand in my guest room, with storage for items [but not too much storage that guests get the idea that they can stay long].  I am debating putting little feet on it of some kind.

This guest room is a nice mish mash of family items- the bed was a gift from my Grandma Mary.  The cross stitch above is a prayer she made for my sister and I.  The pitcher and bowl are from my fathers barn which I cleaned out this spring/summer, I am guessing they were my other grandmother Ceciles'.
The wall opposite the windows was the perfect length to hang my riding ribbons on, apparently I quit showing my horse at just the right time;  when I had earned just enough to display on this wall!  I spent way too much money to get those to have them folded up in boxes!  Going through them and ironing them was really eye opening, I did not realize how many firsts and second [blue and red respectively] my horse actually earned- I thought he had way more green [6th place], which really was his color anyway!

The remaining part, the bottom drawer and original legs became a dog bed:

Right now it too is in the guest room, because my dogs are too large or too old to use it.  
It is for sale like half the furniture in my house, unless of course I happen to get another dog who it would suit.  [Biting tongue]  

It needs a few tweaks.  I am thinking of making a bolster to go around the 3 sides, in the same pretty fleece fabric.  I think that would make it ultra plush and cozy.  A contrasting skirt would also be cute.  There's always a chance I'll stencil something on that square bit that hangs down in front as well.

Suggestions appreciated.


LUCKY 7 DESIGN said...

Wow that is some thinking there. I would have never thought of doing that to the dresser. Such a cool idea tho, great job!

Denise said...

what a fabulous idea!! I love it! My pug would love it :) Found you through Sassy Sites blog hop!