Thursday, September 16, 2010


Don't you just love when you have that "Ah Ha!!" moment that seems to solve a problem you've wrestled with for too long?

I like to start my day reading decorating blogs while I finish off that pot  cup of coffee, and this morning it paid off bigtime!
One blogger I enjoy, Just a Girl, wrote how she was utilizing the redone dresser she had moved into her craft room [I dream of having a 'Craft Room']...  so organized with everything right where she needs it...
See it here: Just a Girl- whats-in-my-drawers.
and suddenly... Shazam!


First a little background:

This summer I spent many dirty hours cleaning out my Dad's barn of family items that I just could not bear letting go to a dump... including 3 dressers that are now occupying prime real estate in my over crowded metropolis many call a garage.

I have a lovely laundry room which is also my dogs boudoir, that once I really get it arranged how I want will serve in part as a Craft room.  Someday.  Here are pics of it at present:

The raw ends of those cupboards are going to get made into chalkboards.
And I do have all the crown molding to finish off the tops of those cupboards.

^See this space where the dog crate and saddle rack are?^
That is where I dream of having a counter with drawers underneath, to store craft goods, and a stool to perch on while crafting away.
Above it pegboard for tools, and shelves made from black boards and decorative shelf brackets.

But for now, Lo and behold, one of those dressers from my fathers barns, with 3 HUGE lovely [yet dusty] drawers, will fit right in there!
Storage!  Organized craft items!  Yippee!!

And more....

I bought this bookcase via Craigslist, and use these here in the laundry room for storing a myriad of items:
Laundry and cleaning goods
the various jewel/cigar boxes from my fathers barn full of treasures
Oh and all those used cans- those are for making donation cans for the horse rescue.
I swear I am going to get those done.  Soon!
Then you see those cherry pattern canisters?  Those were my grandmothers.  

Just before my father got ill, leading to the barn cleaning, I had wished for a vintage canister set among several other items we unearthed in that barn.

Several of these shelves I am going to cover with a nice 'curtain' so it looks less cluttered.
Sewing is a winter activity, the warmer seasons are for painting things in my garage.

Inspiring and motivating!  
I'll post how it looks once I get the dresser cleaned up and put in.
But tomorrow I am off to Womens Getaway Camp with my sister and cousin.
Always an inspiring weekend.

Have yourselves a Great, Inspired Weekend!


Anne Marie said...

hi! so glad you visited!! you are busy around your place it looks like...painting all those cabinet/hutches...that picture of your horse with the grass in his mouth is so much like our pony - she would care less!!

nice to meet you - and thanks for stopping!

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Hi, I'm very happy you stopped by. Thanks for your comments on my hutches. I have a craft room (a small bedroom actually) but I would trade it to have a larger laundry room/mudroom like yours.

You have some lovely things from your family. I'm becoming a follower.