Thursday, September 23, 2010

Projects in progress

Ok I had a very enjoyable, relaxing, inspiring time at Camp this past weekend with my sister and cousin.
I promise I'll post pics from our Adventure Weekend soon!

Yesterday I dove into redoing [AGAIN] the white/blue hutch and that dresser I want to put into the laundry room for my craft storage.

Here's the hutch in progress:

You'll remember that hubby used this as a workbench and ended up [as is apt to happen when he has a saw in his hands- what is up with that?] cutting a nice piece out of the front of the top.
[The 'ding' was right above that right handle- did a good job getting rid of it didn't I?]

I sanded off the 4 coats of paint I had diligently applied, sucking in pounds of dust, and here it is.
The top is very smooth and I intend to leave it wood, though am considering a little stain to make it pop a little more.

Here's the hutch top.  It is definitely looking better since I took hubbys suggestion of painting the shelves, as well as the back and sides of the inside.  It does look muuuuuch better!

And here is the Dresser for the laundry room.  This came out of my fathers barn this spring, and I have no idea who's it was, but the construction suggests it was made by hand.  It would not shock me to learn a relation made it, as many of the other things in that barn turns out were made by Great and Great Great Grandparents.
So, while I am not generally a fan of 'Victorian', I love this and will really enjoy having it somewhere I can look at it and think of family.

Yes I sanded and sanded and sanded it yesterday.  It was a lovely piece, but there was crud just stuck to the finish and that finish was rough to begin with, as you can see in the top below... so it needed a light makeover.

The detail is really lovely though:

Am I crazy to paint it black?

And yes, we have since built hubby his very own workbench.

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