Friday, September 3, 2010

Long overdue

It has been a crazy week with the start of school and my sons first Football game coming up.
Have I had you on the edge of your seat waiting for a report from the Fair?  LOL

Ignore the date.  Obviously, I thought I turned off the date feature so that I would not have to edit/crop it out of every pic.

The DC Fair is in Rhinebeck, NY, the hot locale this summer of Chelsea Clintons wedding.  Even minus the Fair and weddings, this little town is a great place to Antique shop, get a bite to eat and walk the lovely tree lined streets of beautiful homes.  Plus there's a great high end consignment shop and Toy Store!!

So, as many of you know I have pics of the Dutchess County Fair cows gracing the walls of my kitchen.  I just love these cows.  Holsteins, Hereford, Guernsey,... doesn't matter.

Look at these fluffy ears!  I have no idea what breed this is.  She looks like she should be cheerleading, or in a Dr. Seuss book.  She was intently watching the auction in the ring.

This guy was getting a bath and I just thought his white coat against the colors of the stocks was awesome:

 I just love the coat patterns

It seems that these Roosters were either upset about being photographed or yelling for their agents.
Every single one kept crowing at me.  Maybe they heard about me from the goats?  There were geese under them, maybe the Geese told them about me?  Geese and Goats, not my friends.

My grandfather was an expert on Chickens, and whenever I see one it reminds me of learning that about him at his funeral.  Bittersweet.

{I wish I could have figured out how to get pics of them without the interference of the cages and getting pecked to death!}

Goats, Sheep, and pigs!  Oh my!

Another one who was intent on learning the prices of all the animals going through the ring.  I started to wonder if there was some kind of betting ring or pool these animals had going regarding who would sell at the highest price per pound.

Anyone who knows me and goats would find it humerous that this goat kept threaten.... err ... talking to me!  Of course, being polite, I held up my end of the conversation too.

Every pig was smiling in their sleep.
Happy dreams of....? 

Does s/he not look like Groucho Marx?

I think the highlight of the night though, other than the rides and prize winning games, was this sow and her 7 piglets.  This girl did not move once while I watched her, and I was in those barns for 2 hours.  Of course she was weighed down with any number of piglets nursing at any given time.
And it gave me a laugh to see all the people oohing and ahhing about this Sow and wondering what their reaction to a human breastfeeding right there would be.

See the black and white piglet with his legs draped over his brother?  Well prior to that pic B/W piglet was Double Decker Nursing [laying on top of that brother who was also nursing].  Once he was full he just slithered off in slo-mo, too full to really put any effort into it at all, as he fell asleep.  Next to them the lil brown and white piglet, the runt, was just bumping and bumping and bumping away at that teat insisting there had to be more in there!  
Persistent lil bugger, should be juuuust fine!

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